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Paul Clever's story

News Articles / Informational

New Cyber College for Next Generation of Code Breakers - To Open at Bletchley Park (posted 3/4/2017)
"The Day We Discovered Our Parents Were Russian Spies," via The Guardian (posted 5/31/2016)
"Snowden and the NSA: Behind the Scenes," US News & World Report (posted 5/19/2016)
"Vietnam War airman's death re-examined after decades of controversy," via Stars & Stripes (posted 4/13/2016)
GCHQ and NSA Directors Meet at Bletchley Park (posted 2/15/2016)
Paul Clever's MRSEA: Maximum Recovery in Southeast Asia - 2015 Recovery Mission Report (posted 1/21/2016)
"Spy plane disassembly begins at Virginia Aviation Museum ahead of move to Science Museum" via "Richmond-Times Dispatch" (posted 1/14/2016)
"Four Decades Later, A Son Brings His Father's Remains Home," article in The VVA Veteran (posted 9/29/2015)
EC-130: The airplane created by the US Air Force to hack enemy military networks. (posted 9/23/2015)
CIA Releases 2500 Previously Classifed President's Daily Briefs (posted 9/16/2015)
CAP 72 Identification Effort & More Maximum Recovery in Southeast Asia (MRSEA) Updates. (re-posted 6/7/2015)
"80 Years of Excellence for the Navy Information Warfare/Cryptology Community" (posted 4/03/2015)
Alan Turing's Banbury Sheets - Restored and On Display at Bletchley Park (posted 3/19/15)
Veteran diver Jim Bunch, to speak about Enigma he helped recover from U-85. (posted 3/17/15)
Royal Mail honours Tommy Flowers with a first class Colossus stamp. (posted 2/19/205)
Cybersecurity Online Community to Launch in March 2015 (posted 12/24/2014)
"How the NSA Became a Killing Machine" article in The Daily Beast - (posted 11/12/2014)
Sir Iain Lobban gives his valedictory speech - link to full transcript (posted 10/26/2014)
Misawa begins dismantling its 'Elephant Cage' (posted 10/20/2014)
The New York Times Reviews the National Cryptologic Museum (posted 8/2/2014)
U.S. Cyber Command Builds Cyber Workforce (posted 7/12/2014)
Duchess of Cambridge Learns About Grandmother's Wartime Past at Bletchley Park (posted 6/26/2014)
Bletchley Park Restoration is Complete (posted 6/26/2014)
The "Blue Cube" is Coming Down (posted 4/18/2014)
Former NSA Employee Bill Sullivan Presents Lectures about NSA (includes links to lecture & slides) (posted 4/2/2014)
FS Teufelsberg Then and Now (posted 3/25/2014)
Michael Hayden's Perspective on NSA and Snowden (posted 1/18/2014)
John McLaughlin - In Defense of NSA (posted 1/10/2014)
Alan Turing Wins Royal Pardon (posted 12/23/2013)
NSA Director, Gen Keith Alexander, Defends Surveillance Programs (10/13/2013)
USS Pueblo On Display in North Korea (posted 8/8/2013)


About Codes, Ciphers, & Computers

Mozilla introduces CODEMOJI - a fun, educational tool for learning about ciphers (posted 8/15/2016)
Morse code: A staple in the Navy IW toolkit. (posted 1/31/2016)
Participate in the 2015 NSA CodeBreaker Challenge (posted 9/20/2015)
GCHQ Launches New Code-Making App (posted 12/15/2014)
A New Clue to 'Kryptos' - The New York Times articles (posted 11/21/2014)
"Breaking the Enigma was the easiest part of the Nazi puzzle" by Michael Smith for The Telegraph (posted 11/19/2014)
Decrypting the Phaistos Disk: Gareth Owens at TEDxHeraklion in May 2014 (posted 10/26/2014)
Poland's Overlooked Enigma Codebreakers (posted 7/7/2014)
Breakthrough in Voynich Manuscript? (posted 2/22/2014)
Famous Unsolved Codes & Ciphers (posted 6/19/2013)
Coded POW Letters from WWII Solved (posted 5/2/2013)
Hebern Code Machine in Actual Use (posted 4/26/2013)
Top Intelligence Agency Supercomputers (posted 2/13/2013)
Old German Enigma Messages Solved (posted 1/30/2013)
Ten British Computers that Changed the World (posted 11/26/2012)
Poles Launch Campaign for Enigma Code Breaking Recognition (posted 10/10/2012)
Flaw Discovered in Online Encryption Method (posted 2/7/2012)
Dorabella Cipher Solution by Tim Roberts (posted 1/25/2012)
Early Use of One-Time Pad Technique Discovered (posted 11/24/2011)
Nick Pelling's Cipher Mysteries Web Site (posted 11/14/2011)
Researchers Decode the Copiale Cipher (posted 10/31/2011)
Chatham Station Collected U-Boat Messages to Be Decoded (posted 9/18/2011)
BBC Article about the Piece of Paper that Fooled Hitler (posted 1/28/2011)
Dave Gaddy and the Civil War Encrypted Message (posted 12/29/2010)

Rear Admiral Grace Hopper


Grace Hopper and Margaret Hamilton Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom for Computing Advances (posted 11/22/2016)
Grace Hopper is highlighted on the Illustrated Women in History website. (posted 8/25/2016)
Royal Navy officer who seized Enigma machine from a raided German U-Boat has died aged 95 (posted 5/9/2016)
Gilbert Horn Sr. - decorated WW II veteran and code talker passes away at 92. (posted 4/8/2016)
Obituary of Asa Briggs in "The Guardian" (posted 3/16/2016)
Cryptography Pioneers Receive ACM A.M. Turing Award (posted 3/12/2016)
"How Hedy Lamarr Created Early Wireless Technology," via IQ Intel (posted 3/9/2016)
Obituary in The Telegraph of Lt Commander David Balme who led a boarding party that captured an Enigma from a German U-boat (posted 1/4/2016)
MD History Day Student Honors Former WAVE (Janice Benario) & Wins Trip to National WWII Museum (posted 11/28/2015)
Google Doodle Honors Hedy Lamarr (posted 11/12/15)
DoD Video Celebrates National American Indian Heritage Month (posted 11/7/2015)
Computer History Museum Celebrates 200th Anniversary of Ada Lovelace's Birth with Special Contest (posted 10/13/2015)
Bletchley Park Code Breaking's Forgotten Genius BBC Documentary 2015 (posted 10/5/2015)
Learn about Brigadier General Bernard (Ben) Ardisana (posted 6/8/15)
Remembering John and Alicia Nash - A Beautiful Life (posted 5/24/2015)
NCMF Board Member Elonka Dunin - featured in Wikimedia article (posted 4/5/2015)
NCMF Board Member Dr. Ed Schweitzer, in the news on (posted 4/5/2015)
"Hacking the Nazis: The secret story about the women who broke Hitler's codes," by Nick Heath (posted 3/29/15)
John Nash Receives 2015 Abel Prize for His Work in Mathematics (posted 3/26/2015)
2015 NCVA Cryptologic Support Excellence Award Announced (posted 3/25/2015)
NSA to release over 52,000 historical documents related to the career of William F. Friedman (posted 3/24/15)
"10 Women who Changed the Tech Industry Forever," article by Olivia Cole (posted 3/19/15)
"An Interesting & Little Known Fact about General Gordon A. Blake" by Mr. Frank Pinkston (posted 3/2/2015)
"Code Breakers: The Invisible Cryptologists" - a three-part series by NBC4's Barbara Harrison (posted 2/24/2015)
Short documentary, "The Queen of Code" about Grace Hopper, by director Gillian Jacobs (posted 2/20/2015)
2015 "On the Roof Gang" Award is Announced - (posted 2/15/2015)
GCHQ pays tribute to former director Sir Arthur (Bill) Bonsall who has died aged 97 - Gloucestershire Echo - (posted 12/7/2014)
"The Forgotten Female Programmers Who Created Modern Tech" (posted 10/10/2014)
Chief Cryptologic Technician Named 2014 Sailor of the Year by Military Times (posted 9/1/2014)
Meet the Scientists: The SIGINT Antenna Team (posted 7/7/2014)
The Hacker Who Saved Thirty Million Lives (posted 7/7/2014)
Native American Code Talkers' Hall of Honor Plaque Presentation (posted 4/8/2014)
World War I  - The Original Code Talkers (posted 5/23/2014)
Bletchley's Forgotten Heroes (posted 1/30/2013)
The Adventures of Lightning Ellsworth, Civil War Intercept Operator (posted 1/9/2013)
Interview with RADM "Mac" Showers (posted 7/13/2012)
NSA Directors (posted 12/13/2011)
Lloyd Oliver, One of the Last of the Original Navajo Code Talkers Dies (posted 3/24/2011)
Alan Turing and the Birth of Modern Computing (posted 2/21/2011)
Navajo Code Talker News (posted 12/1/2010)

The Imitation Game movie

Books, Publications, Art, & Films

Author Payne Harrison - Creator of the Crypto-Thriller & his latest short story, America's Team (posted 1/22/2017)
NCMF Social Media Community Shares Cryptologic Library Recommendations (posted 9/2/2016)
Knox College Professor's Latest Book, "Codes, Ciphers, & Spies" Reveals Unlikely Hero in War of Secret Coders (posted 5/6/2016)
"Cryptology's Role in the Early Development of Computer Capabilities in the United States," - a new NSA/CCH brochure (posted 2/10/16)
Illustrator Rachel Ignotofsky's Women in Science Series Celebrates Female Pioneers in STEM (posted 3/12/15)
Women Codebreakers at Bletchley Park, by Kerry Howard (posted 3/10/2015)
Radio New Zealand interview with Andrew Hodges, author of "Alan Turing: The Enigma." (posted 2/20/2015)
10 Things You Need to Know about The Imitation Game - with Dr. Sue Black and Stevyn Colgan (posted 11/28/2014)
@War: The Rise of the Military-Internet Complex by Shane Harris
The Imitation Game ~ Film coming out Fall 2014 about Alan Turing & the Codebreakers (posted 7/23/2014)
Nazi Book of Enigma Codes Sells for Almost 90,000 Pounds (posted 6/16/2014)
The History of Traffic Analysis - a New Brochure (posted 4/16/2014)
NSA's "Cryptolog" Available Online (posted 10/13/2013)
Bletchley Park: The Codebreakers of Station X - by Michael Smith (posted 2/5/2013)
Saving Bletchley Park - by Sue Black (posted 11/1/2012)
Code Talker - by Chester Nez with Judith Avila (posted 7/7/2012 - updated in 2014) Includes an update about a documentary film & Chester Nez's death
Joe Rochefort's War - by Elliot Carlson (posted 10/20/2011)
Sensemaking: A Structure for An Intelligence Revolution - by David Moore (posted 6/14/2011)
9800 Savage Road - by M.E. Harrigan (posted 6/1/2011)
The Secret Sentry - by Matthew Aid (posted 6/1/2011)
The Future of Things Cyber - by Gen. Michael Hayden (5/4/2011)

National Cryptologic Museum collage of cryptologic machines

Cryptologic/Spy Museum Info

UMUC Students Start CyberSecurity Road Trip at NCM - UMUC & RoadTrip Nation will produce one hour documentary (posted 12/2/2016)
National Cryptologic Museum Reveals Old Secrets - The Business Monthly article Nov 2016 (posted 11/19/2016)
2016 Museum Oskars (hosted by Results are In! 7 Awards this year! (posted Feb 2016)
2015 Museum Oskars (hosted by Results are In! (posted 2/2/2015)
Wordpress Blogger PicturesDotNews Features National Cryptologic Museum, "7 Top-Secret Spy Things the NSA Will Reveal to You" (posted here 2/2/2015)
Experience machines featured in "The Imitation Game" film at the National Cryptologic Museum (posted 12/28/2014)
NCM Featured in Article about "Weird" and Off-the-Beaten-Path Museums (posted 12/16/2014)
"The New York Times" Reviews the National Cryptologic Museum (posted 8/2/2014)
Top 13 Unique Museums to Visit (posted 5//23/2014)
Museum 140 Honors NCM With 2014 Museum Oskar Nominations (posted 2/22/2014)
Spy Museum at the Navy's Corry Station (posted 12/5/2012)
National Cryptologic Museum Curator Pat Weadon Briefs Visitors (video) (posted 5/27/2012)

Cryptologic Bytes Archives: History Section (William Friedman - Knowledge is Powe image)

Detail from a photograph of World War I cryptographers trained by William and Elizebeth Friedman, Aurora, Illinois, early 1918. By facing either forward or sideways, the soldiers formed a coded phrase utilizing Francis Bacon’s biliteral cipher. The intended message was the Baconian motto “Knowledge is power,” but there were insufficient people to complete the r (and the w was compromised by one soldier looking the wrong way). Courtesy George C. Marshall Research Library, Lexington, Virginia.


"Path to Midway" Series Starts on on 6 May 2016 (posted 5/5/2016)
From the International Spy Museum Blog - African Americans in Espionage. (posted 2/19/16)
From "The Atlantic" - The Long and Winding History of Encryption. (posted 1/14/2016)
From "The Economist"- "The Black Chamber: The man who made Edward Snowden inevitable." (posted 12/20/2015)
Via - "History of CT Rating and Cryptologic Officer Designators" (posted 11/7/2015)
GCMF Video of Friedman Presentations on 23 April 2015 (posted 4/24/2015)
NSA Releases Historical Materials Related to the Career of William Friedman (posted 4/23/2015)
Eyes n Ears: History of US space reconnaissance and NRO (YouTube video - can also be found on our YouTube page in our Variety of Relevant Videos playlist)
EC 47 Shot Down February 5, 1969 (Updated 9/24/2014, originally posted 3/9/2013) *includes a video link for a repatriation ceremony
Eavesdroppers in Disguise (posted 8/20/2012)
Battle of Midway Reviewed (video discussion) (posted 6/2/2012)
Riverbank Laboratories, Geneva, Illinois (posted 5/6/2012)
Stories from the Black Chamber, 1935 NBC Radio Show (posted 6/1/2011)

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