Special Recognition

The NCMF would like to give Special Recognition to those companies and individuals who have made substantial contributions to the NCMF and its mission of supporting the NCM.


  • Brocade
  • Cisco
  • Clearshark
  • CNI
  • Corning Cable Systems
  • CS2 Consulting (& Dell Software)
  • CSC/Eagle Alliance
  • Cybercore Technologies
  • Dell
  • EMC
  • General Dynamics Information Technology
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Intelligent Decisions, Inc.
  • KEYW Corporation
  • Lexmark International, Inc.
  • MCO Computer Supplies
  • NetApp
  • Superior Communications, Inc.
  • Tech USA
  • Zavda


MG John DeFreitas III, USA (Ret) of L-3 Stratis, Intelligent Solutions Business Unit, and his staff have gone out of their way to support the NCMF by allowing us to use their auditorium and dining facilities, free of charge, for quarterly programs. The L-3 Facilities Manager, Ken Schaurer, and his staff always add their special touch by arranging the dining room and providing coffee the day of the program. For the Summer 2012 program, Ken advertised the Camouflage Project to L-3 employees who could attend the program as guests of the NCMF. 


When the NCM requested assistance from the NCMF in developing a kiosk that would have cryptologic related games for young adults, the NCMF agreed to look into the challenge.The NCMF met with Nisus Technologies, a local business engaged in supporting the Intelligence Community.

Nisus President Joe Sperber Nisus knew just the group, Benxing Entertainment, that could develop games with some guidance from the NCM staff. Nisus put us in contact with Benxing President Tom Phillips who accepted the challenge to develop two games designed for the kiosks. The NCM staff provided the cryptologic objective of the games, Benxing developed the software, and Nisus provided the integration of the software and hardware, all at no cost. The NCMF purchased the kiosks.

The two games,"Cipher Express" and "Cryptogram," introduce players, young and old, to the basic concepts of cryptology. "Cipher Express" allows players to try different methods of encryption using a futuristic train. "Cryptogram" allows the player to decipher a variety of different quotes. Both games have been well received, particularly by teenagers who like testing their skills using technology. Many thanks are due to Thomas Phillips, Steve Rixie, Eric Krokos, Tom Truong, Jenny Son, Helen Zhang and Doug Newhouse from Benxing Entertainment and to Joe Sperber, Aldo Micheli, Elliot Scott and Kevin Glinecki from Nisus Technologies.


Pete developed and maintains the database software used by the Foundation for membership. The database was initially a duplicate of the system he developed for the Phoenix Society but has since been modified to accommodate the special needs of the Foundation. Although Pete lives in South Carolina he maintains the system over the Internet and always provides timely support. Pete was given life membership in the NCMF for his invaluable contributions.


Bob was asked during the early years of the NCMF to develop a “no cost” Web site for the NCMF. He provided us with a fully functioning Web site that served the NCMF well until it was replaced with a new site in September of 2009. Bob was given lifetime membership in the NCMF for his priceless contribution.

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