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The Cybersecurity Curriculum Framework is an outline of what should be taught in a dedicated high school “Introduction to Cybersecurity” course. It is now available publicly online and the developers are seeking feedback from educators and cybersecurity professionals. Review the Framework now and provide your feedback in early 2020.

CCEI Hosts Online Chats to Highlight Key Cybersecurity Professions during National Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week

On 4 November 2019, four cryptologic pioneers were inducted into the NSA/CSS Cryptologic Hall of Honor.

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, GCHQ honors linguists, including many women, who eavesdropped and decoded in secret locations.

Great news! One of our recent program speakers - "Code Girls" author Liza Mundy - has been selected as the NSA/CSS Scholar in Residence for 2020. Ms. Mundy joins the ranks of prior scholars such as Dr. David Kahn. Congratulations Ms. Mundy!

Everyone at the NCMF thanks Orville Lewis for his dedicated service to the NCMF & wishes him well in Florida!

The National Cryptologic Museum Foundation’s Cyber Center for Education and Innovation Announces Agreement with University of Maryland Global Campus and NSA’s National Cryptologic School to Increase Cyber Security Education for all Ages ~ September 2019

In the Spring 2019, CMSgt Al Gray was honored as an NCMF Benefactor for his contributions and support of the planned new National Cryptologic Museum.

Scouts at the 2019 World Jamboree are exploring the world of Cyber at the CCEI's interactive booth. From virtually visiting the NCM via the "Friedman" robot to solving puzzles in the Cyber Escape Room - the booth has been a big hit!

NCMF BoD member Elonka Dunin has been trying to crack the Kryptos Sculpture code for years. This special CNN video talks about Jim Sanborn's famous coded sculpture at the CIA and the people, such as Elonka Dunin, who are committed to solving it.

Thinkers and problem solvers are wanted for Series 2 of JHU-APL's CREATE Challenge. Check it out and Join today!

In May 2019, a special contingent of NSA and NCMF representatives visited 2018 Hall of Honor Inductee Dick Bernard in his home state to present him with his plaque and other items of gratitude for his invaluable contributions. Thank you to NSA for sharing photos of this special event.

Congratulations to the MD History Day recipients of the NCMF Special Awards. This year featured winners of the new Eugene J. Becker Award for Excellence in Cybersecurity & Cryptology, as well as the Maj Gen John E,. Morrison Award for Excellence and Innovation.

Many thanks to ALL who came out to celebrate with us at the 2019 Armed Forces & National Police Celebration on 18 May. Check out photos from a variety of the day's activities and events.

Dr. Terry Thompson provides us with a thorough and insightful review of the Mueller Report. He highlights the tremendous service provided by the Mueller investigation in regard to the cyber tactics, techniques, and procedures used by the Russians in a coordinated effort to sow discord in American public opinion and affect the 2016 elections.

Nisei members of the Military Intelligence Service were discriminated against by their own country—even as they worked to protect it.

Love solving puzzles & brain teasers? The JHU-APL invites you to participate in the CREATE Better Reasoning study.

Join us in congratulating NCMF BoD member Lt. General Kenneth A. Minihan on his upcoming induction into the Cyber Security Hall of Fame Class of 2019.

New York City announces the launch of partnership to combat cyber attacks....

Spy novelist and former Army Signal Officer Payne Harrison reviews three SIGINT-related works for Brush Pass on

Learn about the famous Kryptos sculpture, and about the CNN documentary that NCMF board member Ms. Elonka Dunin plays a starring role in. Plus see some of Elonka's Kryptos photos from her most recent visit.

Is the Trump administration's cybersecurity strategy weak on accountability?

US Navy Senior Chief Cryptologic (Interpretive)Technician Shannon M. Kent was honored on 28 Feb 2019 at a ceremony at the National Security Agency during which her name became the 177th on the Cryptologic Memorial Wall.

Gen Paul Nakasone's article, "A Cyber Force for Persistent Operations," in the January 2019 edition of Joint Forces Quarterly, describes an important new strategy adopted by USCYBERCOM. See summary, article, and transcript of interview with Gen Nakasone.

Cryptologic Technician Shannon Kent was part of the military’s top-tier Special Operations forces. Officially a chief petty officer in the Navy, she actually worked closely with the National Security Agency, to target leaders of the Islamic State. Learn about her in this NY Times article.

Interested in anything SIGSALY-related? In this article for IEEE Spectrum, Jon D. Paul explains how he recreated (using vintage parts) a key component of the SIGSALY - the quantizer, which digitized speech.

Congratulations to NCMF Board Member Dr. Edmund O. Schweitzer III for selection into the 2019 National Inventors Hall of Fame for his invention of the Digital Protection Relay.

This article Dr. Terry Thompson wrote for The Conversation focuses on Russian disinformation and ways the Baltic countries are actively working against it.

In 1928, Elizebeth & William Friedman sent out their now famous holiday crypto-cablegrams. In 2017, NCM friends Bill & Jew-Lee Briere honored the Friedman couple and created a crypto-cablegram in their honor!

On 28 November 2018, a ceremony was held at NSA to honor the five most recent inductees to the NSA/CSS Cryptologic Hall of Honor. Learn more via our Hall of Honor page....

In late November 2018, a special event was held at the NCM to recognize the Crypto Cup 2018 winners and Eagle Alliance volunteers.

In October 2018, the NCMF held a ceremony to honor special donations made in honor of Eugene Becker. As a result of those donations, the Foundation established the Eugene J. Becker Award for Excellence in Cybersecurity and Cryptology.

A review of the "National Cyber Strategy of the United States," released 20 September 2018. The new strategy is the first update since the National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace was published in 2003.

Meet Meredith Schorr, a junior from DePaul School of Hospitality, who served an important role this past summer with the Foundation.

NCM acquires wireless communications receiver (WJ-8692) from DRS in August 2018.

Robert Gabrick explores the National Cryptologic Museum in his article, "Motel of Secrets," for the August 2018 issue of "America in WWII" magazine.

This article explores the threat posed by what we now refer to as the Internet of Things (IoT). Our smart homes and cities may be more efficient, but at what risk? What measures can be taken to increase our safety while enjoying the benefits of the IoT?

The NCM has acquired a new aircraft! A U.S. Army RC-12D Guardrail reconnaissance aircraft is the latest addition for the future National Vigilance Park.

Current cybersecurity news briefs include: Cyber Threats Against Pacemakers; Cellphone Vulnerabilities Reported for All Major U.S. Carriers; Global Health Records at Risk; and more.

Often referred to as the world's most beautiful woman, Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr was an ingenious inventor whose pioneering work helped revolutionize modern communication. Check out the film, "Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story" to learn all about her life.

Recent Cybersecurity News Briefs - including DHS provides details on Russian intrusion into U.S. grid; Prisoners pad their accounts with stolen credit obtained via hacking; Mimecast report on the state of corporate email security; Supply chains pose biggest corporate threat; and more.

Need some Summer reading? Check out "The Cypher Bureau" by Eilidh McGinness - a work of historical fiction that puts the spotlight on The Polish Cypher Bureau's early successes at breaking the Enigma, prior to sharing their progress with Britain and France.

Cybersecurity News Stories (23 July 2018) including DoJ Releases First Cyber Digital Task Force Report; Increase in Cyber Incidents in 2018; Malware Uses Stolen Digital Certificates; Surprising Practices of Information Security Professionals; and more.

Cybersecurity news briefs for mid-July include: The Return of Spectre; Air Force Drone Specs and other Sensitive Documents for Sale on Dark Web; Cybercriminals Phish for Cryptocurrency; Ransomware Reaches New Heights; and more.

"Code Girls" by Liza Mundy is a finalist for a People's Choice Award from the Library of Virginia. Vote by Sunday night, 7/15, and help the remarkable women of "Code Girls" to get the recognition they deserve.

4th of July Week Cybersecurity News Bytes include: Adidas and Ticketmaster UK Hit with Data Breach; Facebook Reveals More Data Sharing; Kaspersky Report on Cryptojacking; and Florida Marketing Firm Reveals Massive Data Exposure.

Former NSA Deputy Director Rick Ledgett reflects on 5th anniversary of the Snowden disclosures for the Lawfare blog. In the article, Ledgett points out what the media failed to describe back in 2013, and what Snowden never understood, was what motivated the people who established the NSA in the aftermath of World War II and the hundreds of thousands of employees since who have made it a national treasure.

Cybersecurity News Bytes for 18 June 2018 - including Trump-Kim Summit Draws Hackers' Attention; Android Mystery Bot Has Many Capabilities; More Intel Vulnerabilities Revealed; Malware Designed for Stealing Cryptocurrency; and Nigerian Prince Email Scam - Avoid Falling Victim to Cyber Scams.

Cybersecurity news briefs include...Genealogy Firm Suffers Massive Data Breach; Cisco Releases Security Fixes for Multiple Products; Congress Seeks to Thwart ZTE Despite President Trump's Direction; Atlanta Continues to Recover....

Recent Cybersecurity News including: Primary Elections Stir More Fear of Hacking; More Russian Information Operations Against the U.S.; Apple Enhances Security with New OS; Kaspersky Warning to World Cup Attendees; and more.

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